The National:

A TORY MSP has admitted to wearing the SNP “It’s Scotland’s oil” badge in primary school.

Murdo Fraser – who represents Mid Scotland and Fife – made the admission as Holyrood debated a motion of condolence following Winnie Ewing’s death in June.

The widely publicised political slogan was used by the SNP during the 1970s – including when Ewing represented the party at Westminster.

Fraser admitted to donning the badge on his primary school blazer while paying tribute to Madame Ecosse, leading to laughs from MSPs and First Minister Humza Yousaf. 

He told MSPs: "The First Minister referenced Winnie Ewing’s interest and appeal to young people, I can well remember being at school in Inverness in the 1970s when Winnie Ewing was already a household name at that point, and at that time was the MP for Moray in Nairn.

"In my primary school everyone wore on their blazers little yellow badges in her tribute, bearing the legend ‘It’s Scotland’s oil’.

"It might amuse the chamber to know that even my own blazer might have borne such a badge, although to the relief of my colleagues behind me, I should say my political views have matured since that particular point."

Considering the amount of time he wastes writing asinine Twitter posts, the Jouker isn't convinced Fraser has matured too much since primary school.