A petition has been launched to keep admission into the West End’s Kibble Palace free.

Back in February, the Glasgow Times revealed that Glasgow City Council were to begin charging £3 for an adult and £1.50 for a child to view the Palace’s plants, sculptures and fish.

The Kibble Palace was recently named the best free attraction by Condé Nast Travel and is the second most popular park in the city.

The charges, which have not yet been introduced, are to "strike a balance between raising revenue and cutting services", according to the council.

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Now, local community groups and residents are acting against the decision.

The Keep Our Kibble Palace Free petition, which was submitted a few days ago on the council website, has warned that the space is needed "now more than ever".

It reads: “Without any public consultation, Glasgow City Council decided to introduce charges to enter the Kibble Palace.

“The council acknowledges that it will prevent tens of thousands of visits every year.

“For many - especially the elderly and those with children, a visit to the Botanics isn't enough without the Kibble's welcoming shelter, warmth and fish.

“Losing free access to the Kibble will inevitably result in fewer visits to the Botanics. Now, more than ever (in accordance with net zero and public health strategies) we should be facilitating access to nature and green spaces for public health, and educating and informing us all on biodiversity, conservation & climate.

“For one adult and child to visit once a week would cost over £200 a year, during the cost-of-living crisis.”

The petition has gathered over 500 signatures.

The National:

Following the petition launch, a flurry of support has now trickled in across social media platforms.

One person wrote: “I was in the Kibble yesterday afternoon. It was quite busy most of the people there were carers and their clients, a lot in wheelchairs and mums with prams.

“Would they have been there if they had to pay? Glasgow City Council need a good rethink on this.”

Another said: “They're going to charge to get in the Kibble Palace? No!

“The free parks in Glasgow are the reason I could do anything with my kids because I was poor.”

Glasgow City Council has since stated that the petition will be presented to the committee "in due course".

A spokesperson said: “We are looking in detail at how we can implement the budget measure to charge an entry fee for the Kibble Palace.

“This work takes account of factors such as the listed status of the building and disabled access.

“Further information on the proposed pricing structure will be published in due course.

“The introduction of an entry fee was included in our budget for 2023/24, which required the council to find almost £50m in savings for this year alone.

“A petition on this issue has been accepted and will be presented to the committee in due course in line with our public petitions procedures."

The deadline to sign the petition is October 17.

You can view the petition HERE