AIRPORTS across the UK have been met with huge delays amid a manhunt for an escaped prisoner. 

The Met Police said an “alert” was issued by Counter Terrorism Command earlier today in relation to Daniel Abed Khalife who escaped HMP Wandsworth this morning.

Khalife, 21, was awaiting trial after being accused of leaving fake bombs at a military base. Police believe he is "likely" still in London but may have travelled further.

There are delays at airports across the UK as extra security checks are carried out at the border.

Khalife is 6ft 2ins and was last seen wearing a white T-shirt, red and white chequered trousers and brown steel toe cap boots, police said.

The National:

We previously reported airport passengers have been demanding answers about an apparent delay in security.

Glasgow Airport confirmed that “additional temporary security measures” have been put in place by the UK Border Force.

One passenger said that police were checking travellers' passports manually.

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They said: "They closed security, and everyone was being put through a police checkpoint just before you go into duty-free.

"They set up police stations and everyone was getting their passport manually checked before they were allowed through.

"I'm assuming they were looking for someone. I was in the queue for security for over an hour before it started moving again - I can only imagine how far back it is now."

Many travellers, meanwhile, have taken to Twitter/X to complain about huge queues. 

In a new statement, the force said: "An alert was issued by the Counter Terrorism Command earlier today in relation to Khalife through established operational briefing channels to relevant UK police and law enforcement agencies, including those at UK ports and borders." 

Justice Secretary Alex Chalk is due to speak to prison bosses about the escape.

A Prison Service spokesperson said: “We are working with the Metropolitan Police to recapture this prisoner and are urgently investigating how he escaped.”

The escape from Wandsworth prison had a knock-on effect of disrupting court hearings for other defendants on remand at the south London site.

On Wednesday morning, murder-accused Earl Morin-Britton, 36, from Sutton, south London, missed his first appearance at the Old Bailey by video link from Wandsworth prison due to the lockdown.

A prison officer told Judge Alexia Durran that there was “an operational emergency and no movement across the establishment”.

It has not been confirmed that the incidents are linked.

A Home Office spokesperson said: "Border Force are supporting a police investigation to locate a man who has escaped from prison.

"This led to a temporary increase in outbound queue times at some airports, which has now been resolved.

"Given this is relating to an on-going police investigation, we are unable to comment further."