AN SNP MP was pulled up by the Speaker at PMQs after using inappropriate language to describe the Unionist parties.

Chris Law, the MP for Dundee West, described Labour and the Tories as “two cheeks of the same arse”.

But Lindsay Hoyle wasn’t impressed with the choice of words and called for more “temperate” language.

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“Can I just say, let’s think about language,” said the Speaker. “Let’s be more temperate, and let’s make sure that this parliament can be proud … the pride of this parliament will shine through.”

Law responded to say that he’d be happy to change the “offending” word to “bottom”.

He continued to say neither party is offering change, vision or hope.

He asked Rishi Sunak: “Does the Prime Minister agree that the only way for Scottish voters to rid themselves of these heinous policies is to vote SNP to leave Westminster forever?”

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Sunak said he felt the question was more aimed towards Keir Starmer and didn't want to get involved.

Afterwards, Pete Wishart - the SNP's longest serving MP - praised the interaction.

"Hahaha! Brilliant from @ChrisLawSNP. 2 cheeks of the same 'bottom' just doesn't have the same ring to it ..." he tweeted.