TOURISTS travelling on the NC500 were left horrified after they discovered what they thought was a human leg bone on a popular beach.

Police are currently carrying out tests on a bone after the discovery was made.

Dorcas Sinclair from Caithness Beach Cleans (CBC) was collecting debris at Dunnet on Thursday August 31 when she was first alerted to the discovery.
She told The Scottish Sun how she met some German tourists who found what they believed to be a “human thigh bone” washed up on the beach.

Sinclair told the newspaper: “The couple had found what they thought might be a human thigh bone and were not sure what to do about it.

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“They were advised to contact the police using 999 as the tide was coming in and the bone was at the tide edge.

“The couple removed the bone as it was in danger of being washed out to sea again and placed it where the police could recover it.”

Officers at the scene said that tests would be needed to determine the nature of the bone and that it could possibly be from an animal. 

Sinclair added that the bone looked like a knee joint which seemed in “fairly good shape at one end but the other end was very damaged”.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “On Thursday August 31 2023, officers were made aware that a bone had been discovered on Castletown beach, Thurso.

“Examinations are being carried out and enquiries are ongoing.”