SHELDON, a well-known dog at independence marches and rallies, has left behind a legacy to a young pup named Culloden.

Sheldon died in February at the age of eight after his heart problems became untreatable and owner Jane Cooper Stewart is now training Culloden.

The pup will join independence band Saor Alba Pipes and Drums who cherished Sheldon’s participation when he was alive.

Chairman John McGregor, the band’s founder George Kempick and lead drum Jock Ritchie surprised Sheldon’s owner Jane Cooper Stewart with a memorial bass drum in April at an independence march in Edinburgh.

The National:

Sheldon’s pups were born in 2019, but Stewart “resisted” keeping any.

Culloden came from the same breeder that Sheldon came from and will be going to be at the marches soon,” as soon as he gets all his vaccinations”, Stewart said.

She added: “Culloden won’t be able to go [to Edinburgh Yes Rally] as he’s only 8 weeks and is still to get fully vaccinated but hopefully he’ll be the mascot of the band at yes marches, eventually to step into Sheldon’s place - though it’s big paws to fill.”

The National:

The young pup could also be on course for stardom just as Sheldon showed. When he was a little younger, five-year-old Sheldon was also a television star, playing Zeus in Scotland’s favourite television comedy Still Game.

The National:

If Culloden qualifies to compete in Crufts, an international dog show, (“he’s going to be busy with his pipe band mascot training too”), his Kennel Club name will display as “Allours Braveheart”.

The first part is the breeders kennel name and the second was applied for by Stewart.

Personally, we can’t wait to meet Culloden.