A TWITTER “fact check” from a Unionist group founded by a Holocaust denier on a post by Lesley Riddoch has been removed after sparking outrage.

The ultra-Unionist group A Force for Good was linked in a Twitter “community note” – a feature which allows users to add context to other people’s posts – to one of Riddoch's posts about the Edinburgh Yes march at the weekend.

The note disputed the official attendance figures provided by the organisers of the Believe in Scotland and Yes for EU march on Saturday.

Organisers said 25,000 people attended the march, which has been disputed by A Force for Good and Wings Over Scotland. Police do not provide public estimates of attendance at marches and protests.

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In a note linking to A Force for Good’s website, a Twitter user wrote: “There were 3989 attenders, as anyone can check here.”

This was followed by a link to a YouTube video showing people joining the march on the Royal Mile and claimed 3989 people attended the rally, which was led by First Minister Humza Yousaf, National columnist Kelly Given and other prominent members of the Yes movement.

The addition of the note was branded “absolutely appalling” by Greens MSP Ross Greer, while former SNP councillor Mhairi Hunter urged her followers on social media to rate the note as unhelpful which she said would result in its removal.

A Force for Good was founded by former Ukip member Alistair McConnachie who has previously been accused of Holocaust denial for saying he did not believe the Nazis murdered Jews in gas chambers

Denying the use of gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps is considered a form of Holocaust denialism by the museum housed at the notorious killing site Auschwitz-Birkenau.