GOOD Morning Britain’s Richard Madeley “doesn’t care” about being compared to Alan Partridge.

The 67-year-old presented has often been likened to Steve Coogan’s comedy character since becoming a regular host of ITV’s morning show.

But he says he isn’t concerned about the comparison unless it has an impact on his career.

Speaking on the 'How To Be 60' podcast, Richard said: "I do Good Morning Britain a lot now and I discovered that I only have to cough or sneeze in the wrong direction to get extraordinary abuse on Twitter. I mean, really amazing stuff."

When asked if he worried about being "misrepresented" as a real-life Partridge, he replied: "You have to analyse these things and be scrupulously realistic.

"If it affected the way I do the job, if it threw me off balance - it would be a problem, it would matter. But it's not, it's just abuse. I honestly don't care."

Meanwhile, Richard also used his appearance on the podcast to take aim at TV presenters who let success "go to their heads".

The star - who previously hosted This Morning - said: "There are a lot of people in television on screen who it goes to their heads.

"We all know them. And you can see that they think because they have access to people's living rooms through the TV, it makes them somehow better. And I just think that actually makes them look ridiculous."

Richard continued: "Quite quickly I formed a contempt for people on television who thinks that it makes them in any way, shape or form special, because it doesn't.

"Just because you can read the autocue or learn a short piece to camera out in the field. Why would you think that would make you any better than anyone else?"