BROADCASTER and documentary-maker Louis Theroux has said he wants to interview former first minister Nicola Sturgeon.

During an interview with Scotland Tonight, Theroux was asked what his Scottish story of choice would be and he said that he would be keen for a sit-down with the former leader.

“She is exactly the same age as me, I’m 53 and I think she’s about that. There’s something about when you meet someone the same age”, he said.

Theroux continued: “She’s an esteemed, hugely eminent political figure who has now stepped aside.

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“Politicians tend to be actually not very good at interviews because they’re so risk averse. They sort of play it safe.

“But I think with Nicola Sturgeon, because she stepped aside, she might be in a position now to talk about stuff in an unguarded way.”

Sturgeon resigned as first minister and leader of the SNP in February of this year and was succeeded by Humza Yousaf.

Since resigning, she has revealed she will be writing a “deeply personal” memoir with publishing company Pan Macmillan winning the rights to the book.

Sharing the news on Instagram, the former FM said she would dedicate the book to her late uncle, journalist Iain Ferguson.

She wrote: “Very excited to be doing this. I’ve always had an ambition to write.

“I am thrilled to be working with Pan Macmillan, a globally renowned publisher with proud Scottish roots.

“I have loved my life in politics but ever since I was a child I have harboured an ambition to write.

“Embarking on this book is therefore exciting, if also daunting.”

She said she wanted to “chronicle key events” of the last 30 years of Scottish and British politics and let readers feel what it’s like to “be in the room”.

“I will talk about what I am proud of and be frank about my regrets.”