A NEW group for young supporters of independence will be launched at a major Yes grassroots march and rally which is aiming to reignite the “spirit of 2014”.

The event, organised by Believe in Scotland and Yes for EU, will take place in Edinburgh on Saturday and feature speakers including First ­Minister Humza Yousaf and actor Brian Cox, the star of recent hit TV series Succession.

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, ­founder of Believe in Scotland, told the ­Sunday National representatives from a new group for young independence supporters will also be on stage to announce its launch.

He said Believe in Scotland Youth – which is aimed at 16-26 year olds – was one of the key Yes groups ­starting up, while others are restarting their campaigning efforts.

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He said: “Believe in Scotland is a group of 141 Yes groups – this is the Yes movement organising a ­rally, ­everyone is involved, we are all ­coming together.

“We are going to keep it positive, no-one is going to be negative at all from the platform – it’s about unity, it’s about the possibilities and it’s about driving things forward towards independence.

“We want to create a really ­positive buzz and reignite that sense of ­community and Yes family that we had in 2014.

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“Because it is the grassroots Yes movement that is going to deliver independence – the politicians have their job to do.

“But what will move the polls from here is people talking to their friends, people talking to their neighbours, people talking to their colleagues and coming along and realising we are ready to go again.

“We are upping the ante on ­independence and running a proper non-political party campaign and proper Yes campaign – that is what will move the polls.”

Participants are being asked to ­assemble for the march at ­Johnston Terrace by Edinburgh Castle at 1.30pm, with the rally taking place at the Scottish Parliament.

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It will be hosted by ­National columnist ­Kelly Given and presenter Alistair Heather, with speakers also including Greens co-leader Lorna Slater, National ­columnist Lesley Riddoch and Independence Minister Jamie Hepburn.

MacIntyre-Kemp said all the speakers – including Yousaf and Cox – would lead the march down the Royal Mile.

He said it was difficult to tell how many people would attend and ­although he expected it to be a big success, the organisers were “not ­setting our sights high”.

“We never thought this was ­going to be as big as it was in 2014 or 2015 etc – those were heady days, we are not ­starting from scratch but ­starting again in trying to boost the enthusiasm and have a ­really positive, enjoyable family event,” he said.

“It looks like it’s going to be a big success, we’re hearing ­really good vibes about it, people ­booking coaches, so we know it’s going to have a good number of people there. “ He added: “We really do need to, as a movement, stop waiting on the politicians to make decisions and really just push independence support up so the politicians have to act.

“That’s how we see it – it’s a positive celebration of independence and the opportunities that will come with independence.”

When it comes to the idea of ­sending a message to politician in Westminster, MacIntyre-Kemp said it was “almost pointless” as they “don’t listen to anything anybody does in Scotland”.

“We are not sending a message to Westminster politicians other than you are not going to be in charge of Scotland for very much longer – we’re absolutely determined that is the case,” he said.

“Our key message is going to be the independence movement is getting on the front foot, it’s alive and ­kicking – and be very disappointed that your predictions the movement was in trouble are not true.

“We are stepping up and there will be a fresh new campaign going ­forward.”