A VILLAGE in Scotland has been named one of the prettiest in the UK.

Scotland boasts some of the most stunning scenery and picturesque towns and villages in the UK, and it appears that we're not the only ones who think so.

Ahead of the August Bank Holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, StressFreeCarRental has rounded up seven of the quaintest spots to visit in the country.

While these villages are packed with charm, serenity and chocolate box thatched houses, many of these small villages are also hubs of bustling communities and independent small businesses, the experts say.

The National: Here's why Crovie made the list and the other scenic spots that you can visit on your next road trip. ( Google Maps)Here's why Crovie made the list and the other scenic spots that you can visit on your next road trip. ( Google Maps) (Image: Google Maps)

If you’re looking for rolling green hills or coastal views, the list of the prettiest villages might help you plan your next trip away.

Here's why Crovie, Aberdeenshire, made the list and the other scenic spots that you can visit on your next road trip.

Why is Crovie one of the UK's prettiest villages?

When making their selection, StressFreeCarRental noted that the Crovie is a "small coastal village comprising a single street of houses right on the sea edge."

The experts added that since you have to leave your car at Crovie's south end, it makes the "sweet village" the "perfect stop-off for those wanting to stretch their legs in the beautiful Scottish countryside."

Other picture-perfect spots that made the ranking include Inkberrow, Worcestershire due to its chocolate box houses and miles of beautiful walks through the picturesque surroundings.

Also making the list, Solva in Pembrokeshire is a coastal village with sweeping views of the Welsh landscapes and Grassington in North Yorkshire for its pretty limestone buildings and walking trails.

You can find out more about the most scenic villages in the UK via the StressFreeCarRental website.

John Charnock, CEO of StressFreeCarRental, said: “The UK has some of the prettiest and quaint villages in the world, and motorists should seriously consider making a pit stop through some of these gorgeous destinations as they head out this bank holiday. 

“Over 14 million drivers are expected to hit the roads, so making a detour to stretch your legs and get some fresh air after being stuck in traffic for hours is a good idea. 

“Rather than stopping over in a service station, make the most out of your road trip and have a stroll around some of the most beautiful villages the UK has to offer.” 

7 prettiest villages in the UK

Here are 7 of the prettiest villages in the UK, according to StressFreeCarRental.

  1. Inkberrow, Worcestershire
  2. East Budleigh, Devon
  3. Grassington, North Yorkshire
  4. Crovie, Scotland
  5. Solva, Wales
  6. Broad Campden, Gloucestershire
  7. Hawkshead, Cumbria