AN iconic Scottish statue has been spotted wearing a Spider-Man mask.

The Duke of Wellington statue, located in the Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow, is well known for having a traffic cone placed on its head.

Attempts have previously been made to remove the cone although it has quickly been replaced within days.

Now, as well as the cone, the Duke has been spotted wearing a Spider-Man mask.

The National: The statue was spotted with a Spider-Man mask onThe statue was spotted with a Spider-Man mask on (Image: NQ)

Street artist Banksy, who currently has an exhibition running in the Gallery of Modern Art, has previously said that the statue is his “favourite work of art in the UK”.

It’s unclear if the mask is in any way related to the exhibit.

A sign welcoming people into the exhibition states: “For anyone who isn’t aware – the statue out front has had a cone on its head continuously for the past 40 odd years.

“Despite the best efforts of the council and the police, every time one is removed another takes its place.”

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The statue itself was first erected in 1844 and features the former prime minister Arthur Wellesley who helped to defeat Napoleon.

It was sculpted by Italian artist Carlo Marochetti and has become an iconic part of the city.

Lonely Planet even featured it in their list of the top 10 “most bizarre monuments on Earth”.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “ We have no knowledge on why this has been added to the statue.

“As far as we aware, it is not connected in any way to the exhibition.”