A SENIOR SNP MP has said no refugee should be forced to share a room in a hotel against their will.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said earlier this year those fleeing conflict and persecution to come to the UK should be “willing” to share rooms with others in a bid to increase capacity and drive down costs.

But Pete Wishart, who visited two hotels housing asylum seekers in his Perth and North Perthshire constituency last week, has said there would be insufficient space.

The SNP MP also claimed concerns had been raised with him by managers at Mears Group – the company tasked with housing asylum seekers in hotels.

He said: “What was abundantly clear was that the size of the accommodation is insufficient and that other solutions would be required.

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“Any increase in numbers has to take into account these people’s vulnerable circumstances, with no one forced to share against their will.

“I was assured by Mears Group that they will be working constructively with PKC (Perth and Kinross Council) and local agencies as these plans develop, and I am now seeking clarity from the Home Office about how they plan to fund PKC for any increased demand on local services.

“The UK Government’s handling of asylum seekers has been an embarrassing and shocking disgrace. From inhumane flights to Rwanda that have never taken off, to barges with no one on them.”

It is understood that UK Government policy is that room sharing is not optional and accommodation is offered on a no choice basis.

A spokeswoman for the Home Office said: “Despite the number of people arriving in the UK reaching record levels, we continue to provide accommodation for asylum seekers who would otherwise be destitute to meet our legal obligation.

“To reduce hotel use, asylum seekers will routinely share rooms with at least one person where appropriate.

“This will minimise the impact on communities while we stand up alternative sites.”