ANGUS MacNeil and Alex Salmond are set to meet on Monday evening to discuss a path to independence and a Scotland United election approach.

The two former SNP MPs will meet ahead of the Alba party Wee Alba Book event in Fraserburgh.

MacNeil said independence is the “real necessity” but still does not plan to join Salmond’s party.

The long-serving Western Isles MP had his roughly 30-year membership of the SNP ended last week, announcing the news on Twitter and accusing the party of running a kangaroo court.

His Westminster colleagues said his actions – including a ferocious row with chief whip Brendan O’Hara and subsequently refusing an invitation back into the fold – made the decision for them.

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MacNeil now represents his constituents as an independent member in Westminster.

Speaking to the Press and Journal, MacNeil said: “I look forward to visiting the north-east. I fell out with the SNP leadership over representing my constituency on issues such as ferries and fishing but urgency in the approach to independence is the real necessity.

“The SNP have been treading water on independence for years and it will be a pleasure to speak with Alex, the man who required just one election mandate to deliver an opportunity for Scots to vote for independence.”

Salmond said: “Angus MacNeil has incurred tremendous admiration for his determination to stick up for his constituency regardless of personal consequences.

“He is also the one senior SNP figure who realised years ago that, in the absence of another referendum, the national movement must look for an election mandate as the way forward to independence.

“It would be best to fight that election on a Scotland United for Independence approach.”

Depute First Minister Shona Robison rejected Salmond’s calls for a single Yes candidate to fight in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election this weekend, however Alba say they await a response from the First Minister himself.