JOANNA Cherry, Philippa Whitford, and Ivan McKee are among the SNP parliamentarians to have thrown their weight behind calls for members from across the party to get involved in charting its future.

The three are joined by three further MPs – Tommy Sheppard, Marion Fellows, and Chris Stephens – and four more MSPs – Clare Adamson, Bill Kidd, Michelle Thomson, and John Mason – in urging people to get involved with an SNP Trade Union Group meeting to be held later in August.

The event will be open to all SNP members but aimed specifically at trade unionists, and is intended to allow the grassroots a space to help chart the future path of the party.

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The TUG, the SNP’s largest affiliate body with some 13,000 members, said that independence strategy, party democracy, governance, and key amendments to motions at the upcoming SNP annual conference will be on the agenda. 

It has urged people to engage in order to make a material difference to the future of the SNP.

TUG convener Bill Ramsay told The National: “We are delighted that more and more SNP parliamentarians are getting involved in supporting trade unions, who have a key role to play in shaping Scotland’s future.

“Our sponsors come from all sections of the party, emphasising the need to bring people together for the common cause of independence, while putting the needs and aspirations of working people front and centre in the kind of Scotland we want to build.”

The meeting is to be held on Saturday August 26 in Glasgow, running from 12:30 to 15:30.

The TUG said it will present a significant opportunity to engage grassroots members more deeply in reforming and democratising the SNP’s structures, and galvanising a re-energised approach to securing Scottish independence.

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Ramsay went on: “The position that the SNP conference adopts regarding our approach to independence in October could be crucial for future elections, and also for engagement with the wider Yes movement, civic Scotland, and key players like the trade unions.

“We also need strong, progressive policies on the economy, wellbeing, and a rapid transition to green energy, all of which depend upon the powers that come with independence from a tired and corrupted UK system.

“Our meeting next weekend is about strengthening and extending the demand for a restoration of internal democracy and good governance, and linking that to the policies, strategies and alliances we will need to make independence a compelling choice for the majority of people in Scotland.”

Registration is open for all SNP members on Eventbrite here. The meeting will be held at the Renfield Centre on Glasgow’s Bath Street.