A NEW venue has been found for controversial anti-trans campaigner and comic Graham Linehan to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Linehan, who has claimed that the pink and blue on the trans rights flag are “the paedophile colours” and that "almost every central trans figure is a nonce", had his show at Leith Arches cancelled over his views.

The venue announced it would not stage Linehan’s show on August 15, two days before it was due to go ahead.

Comedy Unleashed, the gig organisers behind the show, have said a new venue has been confirmed – but did not reveal where.

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Co-founder Andy Shaw told the BBC that several stages had been offered up after an appeal in the wake of Linehan’s show cancellation.

"We have found what we think is a really appropriate venue which will become obvious on Thursday night why we think it is particularly appropriate," he added.

Andrew Doyle, another co-founder who also works for GB News, wrote on Twitter: "We have found an alternative venue for our cancelled Edinburgh fringe show. Ticket holders will be informed of the address on the day of the performance. 

"Pharisees need not attend."

Linehan’s show had not been publicised, until Tuesday only being billed as from a "surprise famous cancelled comedian".

Once the performer became public, Leith Arches pulled the show.

The venue said in a statement: “We would like to thank the public for bringing to our attention, about a comedian who had been booked for an upcoming comedy show at our venue this Thursday, which we WERE NOT MADE AWARE OF until today via e-mails from, rightly so, outraged members of our community.

"We DO NOT support this comedian, or his views, and he WILL NOT be allowed to perform at our venue and is CANCELLED from Thursday’s comedy show with immediate effect.

“An outside organiser was responsible for the line up and we were unaware as to who was performing until now.

“We are an inclusive venue and will not allow such views to violate our space.”

The National: Graham Linehan. Photo: Wikipedia/Schreibvieh/Graham Linehan

Linehan (above) said he would consider legal action if the decision was not reversed.

He told Talk TV: “The only good thing about it is that it’s drawing more attention to the fact that, essentially, a group of highly ideological cultists have taken over institutions across society.

“If they apologise and put the gig on, I’ll say no more about it, but otherwise I’ll be looking at legal action.”

Linehan is known for creating or co-creating hit sitcoms such as Father Ted, Black Books, and The IT Crowd.

He has previously said that his outspoken attacks on trans rights have lost him work and contributed to the break-up of his marriage.

Linehan’s Twitter account was previously suspended in 2020 for a "hateful conduct rules breach" but has since been reinstated after Elon Musk took charge of the platform.