BRITISH agents have “captured and controlled” the SNP government and successfully infiltrated the party according to a former MSP.

Campbell Martin, who was elected as an SNP MSP in 2003 and expelled a year later, claimed that security service agents were influencing party policy with the ultimate goal of undermining independence.

Writing in pro-independence website BarrheadBoy, Martin said that the SNP’s supposed focus on “gender policies” is being pushed by infiltrators to prevent discredit the party and prevent it from breaking up the UK.

“The SNP is completely compromised,” Martin wrote.

He added: “It has been captured and controlled by the British state. The difference between those early days of the Scottish parliament and today, is that the British state assets in the SNP have, over the intervening years, risen through the ranks and now hold senior positions that have allowed them to influence party policies and direction, such as adopting a lack of urgency in delivering independence.”

The National:

Martin isn’t the first to make this claim. Former SNP deputy leader Jim Sillars (above left) previously said in 2014 that it was “naive” to not think that secret agents were looking to influence the outcome of the independence referendum.

Last weekend, it was also revealed that the Stone of Destiny liberators were identified by moles placed in the nationalist movement by the British state, according to newly released government files.

Martin accepts that people will accuse him of being a conspiracy theorist, but added that intelligence services had previously infiltrated organizations like the IRA and National Union of Miners.

“It would be more extraordinary if they ignored the SNP, which is a party which supposedly wants to break up the British state,” he said. “If they hadn’t infiltrated that organisation there would be something far wrong.”

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Martin said he fears for Scottish independence. He added: “You have to hand it to the British state, it has played a blinder: today’s SNP is so corrupted by British agents that it has sidelined independence and embraced gender policies that make the party unelectable.”

The former MSP thinks Alex Salmond is the answer. He said: “we may have to go back to square-one and start all over again, build the independence movement all over again, through the Alba Party led by Alex Salmond.

“There are so many of us who built the SNP from a party on the fringes of the political spectrum to a party the people of Scotland trusted sufficiently to put them into government. If we have to do it all over again, we can.”