ALLEGATIONS of discrimination have been reported to the human rights watchdog after claims Travellers were effectively banned from using public toilets.

The National understands the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has been alerted to discrimination claims against the Edzell Village Improvement Society (Evis).

It is understood the claim is not yet being treated as an official complaint by the authority, which has the power to take legal enforcement action against bodies it believes to have committed illegal discrimination.

We previously revealed how travellers who had set up a camp on the northern edge of the Angus village had been effectively banned from using nearby public toilets owned and operated by Evis.

The local group previously said the toilets were closed because of concerns over mess, but would not be drawn on allegations its actions were discriminatory.

Davie Donaldson, a travellers’ rights activist who has championed the case of the Edzell camp, told The National the EHRC was now considering a complaint against Evis on the grounds of alleged discrimination, which could result in a legal challenge.

An official complaint of discrimination must come from someone directly affected.

SNP-run Angus council’s bid to have the travellers removed from the site has also been stalled by four weeks after an extension was granted last week to the local authority’s legal challenge to force an eviction.

A spokesperson for the EHRC said: “The EHRC receives complaints each week about allegations of unlawful activity contrary to the Equality Act 2010.

“We consider each complaint carefully and take action where appropriate.”

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A spokesperson for Angus council said travellers’ access to the volunteer-run public toilets near the encampment had been restored to normal.

They said: “Engagement with all parties concerned continues and includes the assessment of welfare and need at the unauthorised encampment in line with policies and procedures.

“The volunteer-run toilets have re-opened on normal operating hours and 24-hour access to a disabled toilet is available.

“Angus council has provided additional temporary toilet facilities on site and will continue to engage regularly with encampment residents around any welfare needs. 

“We are advised that the legal action has been continued for four weeks to allow the defender’s solicitor to apply for legal aid and obtain further instructions from their clients.

“Further procedure will be determined at the next calling and we have no further comment at this time.”

Evis did not respond to a request for comment.