HIT show Outlander is on hiatus until it returns for the second part of its seventh and penultimate season.

It’s taking an extended break before the new episodes air in what will be the show’s longest ever season.

Here’s what you need to know.

When will Outlander season seven return?

According to the preview for part two, the show will not return until 2024 although there is yet to be a confirmed airdate.

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However, the episodes have already been filmed which means this particular season will not be impacted by the current writers' strike in America.

What about season eight?

The show’s eighth season will be its final one and, unlike season seven, will be impacted by the writer’s strike.

In an interview with Hello! magazine, the show’s executive producer Maril Davis said: “We’re just on hold at the moment. We were in the writers’ room for season eight and the prequel, and now everything’s on hold.

The National: Writers have been striking for more than three months in a dispute over pay and conditions (Rick Taber/AP)

“I hope it gets resolved quickly. I’d like to get back to work with the writers and the actors and obviously our crew, you don’t want anyone to be out of work longer than they have to so I hope it gets back, but it has delayed us.”

What to expect from season seven part two

In a separate interview with Radio Times, Davis said fans can expect some “crazy stuff” in the second half of season seven.

“The first half was so good but I’m so excited for people to see the second half because I think the second half is almost even better”, he said.

“It’s just, there’s so many twists and turns and up and downs and just crazy stuff that happens to our characters.

“If anything, I think we’ve just ratcheted it up one more level for the second half. I’m super excited. I know it’s a while to go potentially till we see that second half but it’s even more exciting probably than the first half.”