AN Ultra-Unionist interrupted Humza Yousaf's Edinburgh Fringe appearance accusing him of being "anti-white" and "bigoted". 

The First Minister was also heckled by environmental campaigners over oil and gas licences.

Yousaf was speaking at Iain Dale’s All Talk show on Friday as two young women in the audience stood up to challenge him on his position on fossil fuels.

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Dale said he had never had so many interventions during his series of live shows. 

The activists asked the FM why he had not made a public statement on fossil fuels.

The pair were the second hecklers to interrupt the First Minister's appearance. The first had criticised Yousaf after he said that people should tell bigots “f*** you”.

The first heckler Niall Fraser, a former Scottish Family Party candidate, called Humza's "white, white, white" speech "the most bigoted thing to happen in Scotland".

Fraser was booed out of the venue and removed by security staff.

A third interruption came at the end of the show when an audience member asked the First Minister to come to her show regarding children in care. 

Elsewhere, the environmental campaigners told the First Minister he had said "time and time again there's no future for fossil fuels in Scotland" but claimed he had not spoken out about Rishi Sunak's announcement that over 100 oil and gas licences will be granted in the north sea. 

“I have,” Yousaf replied.

“I don't think Scotland's future is in oil and gas. 

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"I don’t think it’s the right thing to do to grant 100 new oil and gas licences in the month I think he did it that was said to be the hottest month in human history. 

"Scotland's future is in renewables, now we can't turn off the taps tomorrow, oil and gas will be extracted for a period of time to come because we have to make sure we take the workers of the north east with us.

"But no I absolutely condemn Rishi Sunak's comments when he came up to Scotland, I think it was the wrong thing to do at the wrong time."

It comes after Fraser interrupted the interview stating that the FM had said bigots should be called out.

"Your white, white, white speech was the most bigoted thing Scotland has ever, ever heard," he said.

"On behalf of Scotland, f*** you, you're a pestilence on the land.

"You've thrown women and children under the bus, you're despicable, you should be behind bars."

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The First Minister took the interruption on the chin, saying he "didn't mind a heckle".

"I don't take away from that, if people are bigoted, racist, discriminatory, tell them your full mind actually, you should speak to them in robust language if those people are genuinely racist.

"I've had too many people that have been racist to me through my life and people don't like that then I'm afraid they'll get shown the door."

The crowd cheered as Fraser and a woman who had been filming the incident were led out of the venue.