INDEPENDENCE is more important to Scots than the environment, education, housing and Brexit, according to a new poll.

More voters said the constitutional question was a key factor in how they would vote versus other hot topics like schools and the climate, according to research carried out by top pollsters Redfield and Wilton.

The study, carried out between August 5 to 6, found that 22% said their vote would be determined by “Scottish independence/the Union” than housing which was picked by 21%.

Education was the most important issue for 20% of voters with only 18% saying the environment was the key issue at the next election. Just 14% of voters identified Brexit as a key issue.

Among 2019 SNP voters, Scottish independence was the third most commonly selected issue at 31%, behind the economy on 66% and the NHS which was on 64%.

The National:

Support for independence remained steady in Redfield and Wilton’s monthly tracker, with 45% in favour.

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Down one point was support for the Union at 48%, which lost ground to the undecided camp.

Independence remained most popular among younger age groups, with 54% of 16-24-year-olds in favour, 62% of those aged 25-34 and 52% among those aged 35-to-44. Older age groups were all majority No voters.

Humza Yousaf’s latest net approval rating is minus 11%, down one point from last month, while Keir Starmer’s stands at 2% - up three points from zero last month.

Rishi Sunak remains deeply unpopular in Scotland, with a net approval rating of minus 28%, down eight points from the last poll.

The Scottish Government is seen as incompetent by 43% of voters, versus 29% who say it is competent.

The UK Government’s ratings are even worse, with 62% saying it is incompetent against just 13% who say it is competent.