THE Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) World Championships press team has issued an update on whether Saltires can be taken into venues.

It comes after we reported an independence supporter was told to "hide" their Yes flags at the finish line of the elite men’s road race on Sunday.

They have now confirmed that a Scottish Saltire can be displayed within venues, including the fan zone – despite Scotland not competing as a country in its own right.

A sign at entrances of the George Square venue listing prohibited and restricted items includes “non-competing country flags”.

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When asked if that meant a regular Scottish saltire without any Yes or political branding would be permitted within venues, the Cycling World Championships press team said, “Yes, that is allowed”.

Scotland is competing as part of Team Great Britain, whilst several other non-sovereign nations have sent teams to the championships, including Puerto Rico and Hong Kong.

Only national members of the UCI, the world governing body for cycling, can compete in the championships, which British Cycling is but not the regional bodies it operates such as Scottish Cycling and Welsh Cycling.

The event, which is bringing together thousands of the best athletes and para-athletes from across the globe – runs until August 13 in a number of venues across the country, with Scotland’s biggest city being the focal point.

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Yes Saltires have been spotted elsewhere on the cycling championship routes.

Scotland competes at several international sporting events under its own national banner such as the Commonwealth Games, which the First Minister recently said is why the country is “desperate” for the 2026 games to go ahead after Australia pulled out of hosting.

Yousaf said he has asked staff to explore possibilities for 2026.

He added: “We were desperate for the Games to go ahead in 2026, given that we know how excellent the preparations have been going for Team Scotland. It’s also an opportunity for us to compete under the Scottish banner.”