AYR'S former Odeon Cinema is set for a new lease of life, according to the town's MSP.

The facility in Burns Statue Square closed its doors on June 5 after years of making magical memories for the town's film fans, with company bosses saying the venue was "no longer viable".

But in an announcement made via social media on Tuesday, August 8, Siobhian Brown said the cinema had been taken on by new owners.

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Brown, victims and community safety minister and local MSP, said: "Exciting news regarding the former Odeon Cinema in Ayr.

"I’ve been speaking to executives at Merlin Cinemas who’ve confirmed the company has purchased the cinema today!

"They plan to create jobs, show film[s], support the local economy, and preserve cinema heritage within the town.

"I’ll look forward to hearing more details in the near future!"

Merlin Cinemas operates 18 cinemas in locations around the UK, most of them in coastal towns - though it currently has only one cinema in Scotland, the Merlin in Thurso.

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As the first true Odeon theatre ever built in Scotland, the building is regarded as an important building in the history of cinema in the country.

Until its closure in June, it was the last surviving example in Scotland of a cinema built by the Odeon company that was still run by the firm.

The Art Deco design is mostly recognisable for its famous tower, which can be seen from around the town.

Built for and operated by the Oscar Deutsch chain of Odeon Theatres Ltd, the Ayr Odeon opened its doors to the public for the first time in July 1938 with a showing of Ronald Colman in "The Prisoner of Zenda".