AN SNP MP has branded Alex Salmond's goal for the Alba party at the next Holyrood election as "simply delusional".

Pete Wishart took to Twitter to react to the comments made by the former first minister during an interview with journalist Iain Dale at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

At the event, Salmond set out how the Alba party could win 24 MSPs at the next Scottish election.

The party formed in early 2021 has performed poorly at each election, however Salmond said he was confident and that “these things take time".

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Salmond continued: “The target for Alba is to get 15% of the vote on the regional list vote, that will get us about 24 seats.

“And if the cards fall correctly we will be able to be a key part of an independence coalition in that Parliament.”

However, SNP MP Pete Wishart took to social media to react to the comments, branding them as "simply delusional". 

Wishart said: "This is simply delusional. Alex is more unpopular than Boris Johnson and his hate ridden party hasn't even won a seat to a community council."

Alba currently have two MPs at Westminster, Neale Hanvey and Kenny MacAskill, both originally elected under an SNP banner.

The All Talk event on Tuesday also saw several references to the ongoing “Operation Branchform”, his friendship with Nicola Sturgeonthe role of the Scottish Greens in government, and Salmond's role in another referendum.

Salmond said he thinks he could “help contribute” to the fight for Scottish independence again, stating: “In terms of independence strategy I feel I have something to contribute. I did provide a way for Scotland to vote on independence – for many, many years, that had proved impossible.

“The vote didn’t go the way I wanted it to but at least we had the mechanism for people to exercise the right of self determination, and I think I could help contribute to that again.”