KEIR Starmer has been called out for failing to condemn widely-criticised comments from a top Tory MP who told asylum seekers to “f*** off back to France”.

The Labour leader has failed to comment publicly on the incendiary remarks from Lee Anderson after the deputy chair of the Conservative Party outraged opponents across the political spectrum with his incendiary remarks.

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Speaking with the Daily Express, as the UK Government announced that the first asylum seekers had moved on board a barge docked off in a south-coast harbour in Dorset, Anderson (below) said: “If they don’t like barges then they should f*** off back to France.

The National:

“I think people have just had enough. These people come across the Channel in small boats, if they don’t like the conditions they are housed in here then they should go back to France or better not come at all in the first place.”

Despite Anderson’s comments sparking outrage from his opponents in the SNP, the Scottish Greens, the LibDems, Alba and Scottish Labour, Labour and the leader of the opposition has stayed silent on the topic.

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His silence has been read by the SNP as an indictment of the state of the UK Labour Party under Starmer’s watch – which has been typified by a caution on issues such as immigration in an attempt to woo Tory voters with conservative values.

Alison Thewliss, the SNP’s home affairs spokesperson, said: “Keir Starmer's silence on Lee Anderson’s despicable comments speaks volumes for the state of the Labour Party.

“It shouldn't be so difficult for Keir Starmer to call out this shameful and racist language. But as we have seen too often, Keir Starmer seems incapable of doing the right thing.

“At a time when racist rhetoric is running out of control, it is up to all of us to show leadership and call out this kind of language."

Labour failed to respond to a request for comment.

While the Labour have previously criticised the Government’s asylum policy, shadow immigration spokesperson Stephen Kinnock conceded earlier this week his party would continue the policy of using barges to house asylum seekers for a period of time, if they were to come to power after the next election.

In response, the SNP have challenged Scottish Labour’s candidate for the upcoming Rutherglen by-election Michael Shanks to speak out against the policy of housing migrants on barges.

Their candidate Katy Loudon challenged her opponent to stand up to the UK leadership on the controversial policy.

She said: “The UK Government’s asylum policy has been morally bankrupt for decades.

"Instead of treating those fleeing war-torn countries or places where they face persecution as criminals, it should be incumbent on any government to support them as the victims they are.

“However, the stance the Tories have taken – which is now backed by the pro-Brexit Labour Party – to house asylum seekers on floating barges is nothing short of abhorrent.

“In contrast, Glasgow council's SNP leader has sent a clear message to the Home Office that Scotland wants no part in these abhorrent policies.

“That is why I’m challenging my opponent to finally stand up to his London bosses and condemn his party’s decision to maintain this policy if they win the next election.”

Scottish Labour were approached for comment.