AN iconic Scottish island has featured on a list of the best places to visit across the UK.

While there are numerous beautiful spots to enjoy all across Scotland, analysts from InsureMy analysed hashtags on Instagram to find the 10 most “Instagrammable” destinations in the UK.

The research showed that the Isle of Skye is officially Scotland’s most popular tourist destination on the social media platform, and the tenth most popular in the UK.

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With more than 990,000 posts on Instagram, the scenic island was called a must-visit destination for hikers.

The Fairy Pools (below) in particular proved a popular destination with many users posting photos of the waterfalls.

The Sunday National previously spoke with a leading figure at the charity which took over Skye’s Fairy Pools who said that overtourism at the spot had calmed.

Other highlights on Skye include the Old Man of Storr walk, the Neist Point Lighthouse and Dunvegan Castle.

The National:

As for the rest of the list, the Lake District took top spot with 4.9 million posts on Instagram.

An InsureMy spokesperson said: “With the ongoing cost of living crisis, many people are choosing to forego a trip abroad and stay in Britain.

“These findings feature various iconic attractions or destinations in the country. For instance, the Lake District and Peak District are great spots for hikers and campers.

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“The list has something suitable for everyone, with a harmonious blend of cultural significant, historical importance and natural splendour.”

The full list included:

  • 1. Lake District — 4,932,000 Instagram posts
  • 2. London Eye — 3,400,000 Instagram posts
  • 3. Big Ben — 3,300,000 Instagram posts
  • 4. Cotswolds — 2,400,000 Instagram posts
  • 5. Peak District — 2,100,000 Instagram posts
  • 6. New Forest — 1,855,000 Instagram posts
  • 7. Buckingham Palace — 1,800,000 Instagram posts
  • 8. Snowdonia — 1,200,000 Instagram posts
  • 9. Dartmoor Park — 1,095,000 Instagram posts
  • 10. Isle of Skye — 993,000 Instagram posts