THE UK’s Prime Minister has recorded and released a video on the five things he is doing to “stop the boats” amid public outrage of treatment of asylum seekers.

The video posted to Rishi Sunak’s Twitter account on Monday morning shows the PM stating “five things I’m doing to stop the boats” in under one minute.

Sunak lists them as the camera juts, graphics bang on to the screen, and instrumental music suited to a fictional undercover investigation plays.

He stated: “I’m bringing in new laws that will mean if you come to the UK illegally, you can’t stay – no matter how hard you try.”

Second, Sunak talks of “a deal with France that will help stop the boats at source before they cross the channel”, whilst he watches images of migrants in a small boat.

He added: “I’ve also negotiated a deal with Albania, which has already helped us bring down crossing from there by 90%.”

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Next, raid police are shown smashing down a door whilst Sunak states: “I’ve increased raids by 50% to clamp down on illegal workers.”

Whilst he speaks, viewers can hear people screaming as police enter the house.

He concludes by stating: “Four, I’m ending the farce of illegal migrants being put up in hotels by the taxpayer. Five, I’m ensuring that the only way to come to the UK for asylum will be through safe, legal routes.

“I know stopping the boats is a priority for the British people and I’m leaving no stone unturned to get it done.”

One Twitter user commented, “if ever you needed clearer examples of the state using dehumanisation to harm a specific group whilst maintaining the support of the kind-hearted fence-sitters, look no further than the Stop the Boats campaign" whilst another added: "Speechless, not an ounce of humanity left".

Author Edwin Hayward commented: "Gaslighting so bright, it outshines the Sun.

"There are NO safe legal routes for the vast majority of asylum seekers. Doesn't mean that coming to the UK to seek asylum is inherently illegal. Only a minority of asylum seekers have their claims rejected. Most are therefore legal."

It comes amid reports the UK Government is reviving a plan to send migrants to Ascension Island. 

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Sarah Dines said “times change” and that the small boats crisis had become “urgent” when asked why the Ascension Island plan was reportedly being reconsidered after seemingly being rejected by Boris Johnson’s former government.

Proposals to use the volcanic island in the South Atlantic for processing people who arrive in the UK by unauthorised means are apparently being considered by ministers and officials as a “plan B” if the Rwanda scheme fails.

The plans to send asylum seekers to Kigali have been stalled by legal challenges that will end up in the Supreme Court.

Safeguarding minister Dines said Sunak and Home Secretary Suella Braverman remain “committed” to the Rwanda agreement but said other measures were under consideration.