SNP MP Pete Wishart has hit back at Penny Mordaunt after she claimed the SNP’s approach to politics is based on “bile and hatred”.

The leader of the House of Commons was speaking to broadcaster Iain Dale as part of his All Talk event at the Edinburgh Fringe on Sunday afternoon.

She said the SNP use a “victimhood” narrative to describe Scotland’s place in the UK which she said really “winds me up”.

“I think If you approach the thing that you’re trying to get done with real bile and hatred, which is quite often the sentiment that comes across from the SNP, I think you’re going to fail," Mordaunt said.

“Movements based on that kind of politics, I don’t think are ever successful.”

In response to her comments, Wishart (below) posted on Twitter: “This from one of the most ‘hateful’ characters in the Tory ranks.

“At Business Questions she reads out her venomous pre-prepared script attacking the SNP without any regard as to what she’s being asked.

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“She is the least consensual Leader ‘of the House’ we’ve probably ever seen.”

Mordaunt’s appearance at the Fringe had to be moved to a larger room due to significant demand.

Iain Dale said the show had sold the most tickets so far, with former first minister Nicola Sturgeon, due to appear on Thursday, just behind.

Asked about the UK Government’s refusal to grant a second referendum, Mordaunt told Dale: “It is part of the default setting of the SNP that they are going to play victims.

“They reduce what is a fierce and powerful nation to a narrative about victimhood and that winds me up when they do that about Scotland.”

She also told the audience she did not believe that using the next General Election as a mandate for independence would work.

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SNP MP Deidre Brock was also among those to hit back at Mordaunt, saying her party’s approach was “inherently positive” compared to the Tories.

“The SNP supports independence because we want Scotland to have the power to build a fairer, greener and more prosperous country”, she said.

“That is inherently positive.”