AN MP has written to Police Scotland to ask whether there are plans to conduct an independent review into an incident which saw a 54-year-old woman assaulted during a gender critical protest in Aberdeen.

Last month, the campaign group Women Won’t Wheesht held a protest in Duthie Park, which saw them call for transgender women to be banned from competing in women’s sports.

However, during the demonstration one campaigner, Julie Marshall, said she was punched in the arm and head by a counter-protester who had taken one of the group’s signs.

Police Scotland said they were “made aware of an assault of a 54-year-old woman during the event and an individual, aged 26, has received a recorded police warning in connection with the incident”.

Following the announcement that no one had been charged, gender critical campaign group For Women Scotland and policy analysts Murray Blackburn Mackenzie raised concerns about how the incident had been handled by the police.

Now, Alba MP Neale Hanvey has written to Police Scotland Deputy Chief Constable Jane Connors to ask why the matter was not referred to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) for prosecution.

“There has been an understandable level of concern from the public that such an assault took place at all,” wrote Hanvey.

“However, what is most alarming is the apparent dismissal of the matter by Police Scotland and the failure to prepare charges and refer the matter to the COPFS for consideration.

“To anyone who holds concerns about violence being perpetrated against women and girls this decision is inexplicable, alarming and wholly inadequate and is comprehensively in conflict with the espoused strategic position of Police Scotland as established in March 2023.”

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Hanvey then queries whether there are plans for independent review into the incident and asks that his letter be treated as a Freedom of Information request for the “full disclosure” of the guidelines which led to the perpetrator receiving a warning instead of being referred for prosecution.

Women Won’t Wheesht passed video of the incident onto the police and last month said the footage would be released to the public “in due course” - although this has yet to occur. 

The group told The National that the footage had not yet been released because they are requesting that the police reconsider the decision to hand over a Recorded Police Warning.

A spokesperson said: “We thank Neale Hanvey for his ongoing support of women and their sex based rights which we will continue to advocate for despite ongoing threats of violence”