ACTIVISTS are writing to their Welsh representatives urging them to oppose anti-boycott legislation after the Scottish Government formally objected to it earlier this week.

Brought forward by Michael Gove, The Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matter) Bill, is understood to form the cornerstone of the Tory government’s “culture war” tactic in the run-up to the election.

The law would not allow public bodies to choose to boycott states over ethical issues.

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The Scottish Government’s statement raised concerns around the bill by comparing it to the UK Government’s behaviour around the apartheid in South Africa.

"The UK Government’s approach to apartheid government in South Africa, refusing to condemn it when others were actively boycotting it, demonstrates the danger inherent in this restriction," the statement read.

"We are rightly proud of those in Scotland who took a stand against apartheid. Under the provisions of this Bill, many of them would have been silenced," it concluded.

Welsh Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) spokesperson Betty Hunter urged ministers to rally behind them.

She said: “The bill’s main target is the Palestinian-led campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions.

“Appallingly, Israel is given a unique status through a special clause in the bill that makes it the only state in the world permanently protected from divestment by a public body, no matter what it does to violate international law and human rights.”

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Plaid Cymru Member of the Senedd (MS) Hleldd Fychan added: “Removing the right to boycott or disinvest poses a threat to freedom of expression and the ability to challenge non-ethical practices or ones that breach human rights wherever they may take place in the world.

“The bill must be opposed so that here in Wales we can continue to play our part as globally responsible citizens.”

Campaigners from the PSC argue the law is effectively forbidding boycotts of states that violate human rights and break international.

The Welsh Government have been approached for comment.