A WOMAN from Belgium has found a Scottish independence Yes stone in Spain to the delight of the original artist.

The Yes Stones Facebook page has over 9000 members sharing tips for painting different materials, photographs to document their efforts and encourage others, as well as connect Yes supporters across the globe.

The group information states members paint “stones, pebbles, slate” to “plant” across Scotland “and indeed the world”.

Holidaymaker Justyna Regner joined the page and posted a photo of her daughter holiday the stone captioned: “Found it in Cartagena Spain.

“We go back to Belgium we have to take it somewhere?”

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One Yesser replied: “Fantastic find! Yes, take it home and post a pic from home.”

Another said: “Thanks for sharing. Please take it home and spread the word.”

A German member replied: “Wunderbar - so wandern die schottischen Steine um die Welt!” “Wonderful - this is how Scottish stones travel the world!”

The artist responsible for the stone, member Sylvia Keanie, was tagged in Regner’s post and she replied: “Thank you for posting! It's one of mine I left when visiting Cartagena. You are very welcome to keep it if you wish.

“Just spread the word for our independence!”

Keanie further told The National: “My husband and I were on holiday with our son and family. We had a day out in Cartagena visiting the castle and various historical places.

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“I planted a few of my Yes stones while I was there.

“So far two people have posted on the Yes Stones site that they found my stones in Cartagena.”

Members of the page call themselves “stoners” and regularly place stones around the world and host stalls at Yes events, taking only donations.

Keanie said: “I've been a Yes stoner for a few years now and met up with some fellow stoners a few years ago in Oban. It's a great group of like-minded people just trying to get our message across, and I find it very therapeutic painting stones!”

The unwritten rule is if you find a stone you love and want to keep it for yourself you have to paint three more to replace it.