RISHI Sunak has been labelled “out of his depth” after callers grilled him on a number of topics on LBC.

The Prime Minister took calls from members of the public on a variety of topics including strikes, the cost of living and climate change.

We previously told how his advice for a father-of-four struggling with his mortgage payments was to “talk to your bank”.

Waiting times

One of the people to call in was a junior doctor named Olivia, who took aim at Sunak’s suggestion that strikes in the NHS are the reason that waiting lists are going up.

She said: “I think it’s amazing that we’re blaming increasing waiting lists on doctors going on strike.

“You’re losing staff because we’re undervalued and it’s not just doctors, it’s everyone we’re all leaving.”

She added that a “happy workforce” is the Government’s responsibility.

“You’re the Prime Minister. You’re the Government. Your staff aren’t happy. That’s your fault”, the caller added.

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One Twitter user commented that Sunak looked “out of his depth” during the interview, while another said he came across as “patronising”.

A third added that “his facial expression throughout that clip were disrespectful in the face of being told the truth”.

In response to the comments, Sunak told the look at the “long term workforce plan”.

Shops shutting

A separate caller, Jo, based in Sunak’s constituency of Richmond (Yorks), told the PM that multiple independent businesses had closed down in the area and blamed Tory policies as the reason behind this.

Sunak said that “every business has different circumstances” and disputed that Brexit was the reason some were struggling.

He added that he had been speaking to lots of businesses who told him that things were going “good” and that “footfall is up”.

It was again met with criticism on Twitter with one person saying: “Well if you believe hard enough, those businesses will be fine.”

“Wonder why he thinks sitting there laughing is an appropriate response to hearing about closed businesses”, said another.

Get out your helicopter

There was one line in particular which drew criticism as the PM was grilled on his climate change commitments.

He said: “We should not take any lectures from anybody. Our record is fantastic. It’s better than everyone else’s.”

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National columnist Gerry Hassan was among those to pick up on the comment, tweeting: “Rishi Sunak should get out of his helicopter more.”

The PM also told LBC that he would be going to California to enjoy his holiday and that the country would be left in the “capable hands” of Oliver Dowden.