THE first recall by-election to take place in Scotland will be held in Rutherglen and Hamilton West, it has been announced.

The move comes after a recall petition to oust Margaret Ferrier from the House of Commons following her suspension over covid breaches met the requirement of more than 10% of voters signing.

Both the SNP and Labour are now expected to ramp up campaigning in the seat, with the contest representing the first parliamentary test for Humza Yousaf as SNP leader.

Here we take look at what happens next and who will be bidding to become the next MP.

Current majority

In 2019, Ferrier won the seat for the SNP from Labour with a majority of more than 5000 – nearly 10%. She had previously held the seat in 2015, when she pulled of one of the biggest shocks of the election night which saw an SNP landslide and the party winning 56 of the 59 seats in Scotland.

However she subsequently lost to Labour’s Ged Killen in 2017, who won it with just 265 votes.

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Ferrier has been sitting as an independent MP since 2020 when she was suspended from the SNP and had the party whip withdrawn for breaching covid lockdown rules.

When will the contest take place?

The timing of a by-election is determined by custom of the House of Commons that the party that previously held the seat will decide when to trigger the contest.

The SNP have said it will move the writ for the by-election once the UK Parliament returns from summer recess, meaning a vote will likely take place in early October.

Who are the candidates?

So far the SNP have announced Cambuslang-based councillor Katy Loudon at the party’s candidate. She will be up against Labour’s Michael Shanks, whose selection triggered a row within the party over the process

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The Conservative candidate will be Thomas Kerr, the party's Glasgow City Council group leader, while Cameron Eadie has entered the race for the Scottish Greens, which has never previously stood in this seat. The Liberal Democrat have also named a candidate, Gloria Adebo. 

Ferrier has announced she will not stand in the contest.

Looming battle

Both the SNP and Labour have been campaigning in Rutherglen and Hamilton West before the by-election was even confirmed, signifying the battle to come between the two parties.

The SNP will be seeking to hold onto the seat, despite recent polls signalling a wider fall in support for the party.

Meanwhile Labour are hoping to secure a big win as a sign of a surge in backing for the party ahead of the General Election.