MOST Scots believe the Scottish Parliament should have more powers than it does currently, according to a new poll which shows a majority opposed to “the Tories’ deliberate, co-ordinated attempts to reverse devolution”.

The research found that 51.8% of Scots were in favour of more devolution, with 17.7% in favour of powers being taken away from Holyrood.

The SNP said it showed most Scots were against Tory attempts to “force Scotland under Westminster control”, in light of what they have described as a campaign by the Conservatives to claw back power from Edinburgh to London.

The polling was commissioned by Shorthand PR director and former Scottish Conservatives spin doctor Adam Morris, The Times reported.

Respondents were asked whether they agreed with the following five statements:

  • Scottish Parliament should have maximum powers, and Westminster Parliament no powers
  • Scottish Parliament should have more powers that it does now, but Westminster Parliament should still have some powers
  • The balance of power between Scottish Parliament and Westminster Parliament is about right
  • Westminster Parliament should have more powers than it does now, but Scottish Parliament should still have some powers
  • Westminster Parliament should have maximums powers, and Scottish Parliament no powers

The first option was backed by 23.3% of people, with 28.4% saying Holyrood should have more powers while retaining some at Westminster.

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Support for Westminster having all power with none left in Holyrood polled at 9.3%, while just 8.4% of people thought Westminster should take back more but not all power from the Scottish Parliament.

In support of the current devolution settlement were 21.7% of respondents, who thought things were currently “about right”.

The Survation study comes amid a growing war of words between Scotland’s two governments as the Tories in Westminster are accused of attempting to roll back devolution.

This year alone, the UK Government has blocked Scotland’s planned transgender law reforms and refused to give permission for glass bottles to be included in plans for a deposit return scheme which has now been shelved.

Morris, the PR professional who commissioned the research, said he was moved to do so by comments from Tory grandee Lord Frost who urged the Government to “review and roll back” devolved powers.

He told The Times: “All Lord Frost achieved with his comments about rolling back devolution was to give the nationalists more constitutional ammunition when they were otherwise struggling.

“I knew his views weren’t shared by Scottish Conservative politicians. Now this research shows they’re not shared by the overwhelming majority of Scots either.”

SNP depute leader Keith Brown said: “This poll shows that the majority of the Scottish public are firmly against the Tories’ deliberate, co-ordinated attempts to reverse devolution, roll-back the powers of the Scottish Parliament and force Scotland under Westminster control.

“Lord Frost is just saying the quiet part out loud when it comes to the UK Government’s disdain for Scotland, but sadly, the Labour Party are equally as culpable in working with the Tories to block devolution and deny Scotland’s democratic right to choose our own future.

“Only the SNP and independence will protect the powers of our Scottish Parliament.”