A GROUP of activists in Edinburgh are delivering over 1500 letters – along with copies of Scotland the Brief in each one!

The group of Yessers from the SNP Sighthill/Stenhouse branch have begun to hit the streets with envelopes containing a mini copy of Scotland the Brief, as well as a personal letter from branch convenor, Cathy Fullerton, and a leaflet explaining how Scotland’s European neighbours of a similar size are performing economically better.

Stewart Dredge said on the post: “Over 1500 letters to identified supporters in area. Each envelope also contains a copy of Scotland the Brief. We are a team, Yessers!”

When one activist asked Dredge how the branch had identified supporters, he replied: “Street-stalls, voter ID, canvassing, built up over the years including independence referendum, and more recently survey cards with the information all stored on the SNP's Activate system.

The campaigner shared: “Survey cards are hard work and expensive with pre-paid returns but really work well for direct contact with supporters.”

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Believe in Scotland founder Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp joined the praise for the team’s work. He said: “Brilliant work guys, its shoe leather, perspiration, and engagement that gets the message out. Awesome.”

Dredge further added that the group have come to believe that the best way to pass on the independence message is not through politicians in media, however they do not discount this reach, but is best done via friends, family, work colleagues, and neighbours.

He added: “That is why well-informed, concise and readable booklets like Scotland the Brief are so vital at this stage in our independence campaigning.”

Dredge told The National: “The whole movement needs to concentrate on continuing to build hard support for independence.

“That is really the only way to achieve our goal and Sighthill/Stenhouse SNP will continue to engage directly with voters in our branch area to further that end.”

The efforts are being assisted by Pentlands West SNP group convenor Ian Mackay who Dredge said is "increadibly hard-working" and "genuinely believes he deserves no thanks for it".