A PRO-KREMLIN Russian news presenter has shared his unnerving attempt at a Scottish accent.

The presenter, who “may be the most energetic Kremlin propagandist around today”, according to the US state department, tried his hand at a Scottish accent on a show broadcast earlier this week.

Vladimir Solovyov, a controversial television host, has been an anchor on the most popular Russian TV channel, Russia-1, since 2010. In March 2022, YouTube blocked his channel Solovyov Live.

It is unclear why the presenter was trying the accent, but in the same segment Solovyov called the chief of MI6 Sir Richard Moore a "piece of British sh*t", and said Britain was a "pathetic, weak and pretty destitute country", and then attempted a British accent mocking the word “great” in “Great Britain”.

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Journalist Francis Scarr from BBC Monitoring which tracks, translates, analyses and summarises global media, shared the clips via Twitter.

Scarr said: “Russian state TV’s Vladimir Solovyov has been working on his repertoire of foreign accents.

“His Scottish one is in need of some serious practice though.”

In the clip, Solovyov said: “By the way, Scotland should be free. Let me say this again: Scottish Brothers! You have to fight for your freedom.”

He also called for Britian to “give Northern Ireland back to the Irish”.

The 59-year-old pundit broke the Guinness World Record in 2019 for “most hours of live television presented by a host in one week.” He recorded 25 hours, 53 minutes and 57 seconds during a marathon of shows.