A GB News presenter has eaten his hat after wrongly predicting the Tories would lose all three by-elections on Thursday.

Tom Harwood promised after the polls had closed he would “eat an item of clothing” if the Tories held a single seat up for grabs in the trio of elections.

The Conservatives lost Selby and Ainsty to Labour and Somerton and Frome to the LibDems – but held on to Boris Johnson’s old seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

Appearing on GB News’ midmorning show, Harwood ate a paper “dunce’s hat” he was wearing.

Before taking the hat off and tearing it into chunks, Harwood said: “I’m a man of my word.”

He told co-host Emily Carver he had spoken with Tories who claimed their vote was holding up – which he dismissed as “the worst expectations management in the world”.

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As Harwood ate his hat, Carver said: “Now this is what you should not do as a political reporter, you should not say such things when you don’t know what the outcome could be.

“We all pontificate, we all suggest what might happen, but I prefer to keep quiet until we have those results, because this is what you end up doing, isn’t it? Eating a hat.”

It is the latest odd food outing for a GB News presenter after Lee Anderson – the deputy chair of the Conservative Party – tried to make a guest on his show eat cat food earlier this month.