RISHI Sunak was left red-faced after he got a key detail wrong in a dig at Keir Starmer.

As the pair clashed on the NHS and the economy, Starmer put it to the PM that Labour’s NHS workforce plan was funded by scrapping the “non-dom status”.

"Non-dom" is short for non-domiciled individual and is someone who only pays tax on money earned in the UK but does not have to pay any on money made anywhere else in the world unless they pay this into a UK bank account. 

“You know the one, the non-dom tax thing as he calls it that allows some of the wealthiest people in the country to avoid paying tax here”, Starmer said.

Sunak replied: “The same policy that has paid for five different things at this point. Everybody knows I’m a fan of doing maths to 18 but the honourable gentleman makes a strong case for doing maths all the way to 61.”

Despite the PM and his colleagues all laughing at his joke, Sunak had it pointed out to him by the Labour leader that he’d got it wrong.

Starmer replied: “If he’s so good at maths, he’d know I’m 60 not 61” which was met with laughter from the Labour benches.