A TORY councillor has been suspended for tweeting that LGBT Pride is “not a virtue but a sin”.

Northamptonshire councillor King Lawal claims to have been “cancelled” by the Conservative Party and six other organisations for expressing his views about a Pride parade last month.

Reacting to a picture from a Pride parade, he wrote: “When did Pride become a thing to celebrate.

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“Because of Pride Satan fell as an arch Angel. Pride is not a virtue but a Sin.

“Those who have Pride should Repent of their sins and return to Jesus Christ. He can save you. #PrideMonth #Pride23 #PrideParade.’”

The 31-year-old said he was suspended from his local Conservative group shortly after posting the tweet, with his continued membership of the party up in the air as CCHQ conduct an investigation.

Lawal also claims to have been forced to resign from his job in a nursing and care business and to have been removed from various other positions he holds as a result of the fallout.

The National: Pride

“It is now almost impossible to say something biblically truthful on sexual ethics in UK society without being cancelled and having your life ruined,” he told The Telegraph.

“What I said was biblically sound and a protected expression of the Christian faith.

“As the only black councillor in the whole of Northamptonshire, I know what it is like to be in the minority, and I would never discriminate against anyone. I have diligently represented all my constituents; however, I must also be free to express my beliefs without fear.

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“The blunt emails and cancellations I received were shocking and hurtful. There was no respect, no conversation and no reasonableness.

“There were times when my heart was pounding and everything was spinning out of control over one tweet.

“What has happened shows that I am not free and that this is not a free country anymore. If it was free, I would be able to speak.”

The councillor said he is now contemplating legal action.