MORE than a third of Scots were unable to go on holiday over the last year as a result of the cost-of-living crisis, according to figures from Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

Polling undertaken by YouGov on behalf of the organisation surveyed 1509 adults and found that 36% of adults in Scotland did not go on holiday last year because they could not afford it.

Household budgets have been under considerable pressure with the rate of inflation currently sitting at 8.7% while interest rates have risen 13 times in a row, according to CAS.

Thousands of families have been cutting back on hobbies and leisure activities for their children as a result of the ongoing rises in the cost of living, polling and research from CAS has shown.

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Derek Mitchell, CAS chief executive, said the figure was “sobering”.

He said: “This is a really sad statistic. We often hear about people who can’t afford basics like food, rent and energy and, of course, those are priority issues.

“But the fact that more than a third of our fellow citizens can’t afford to get away for a break is really sobering, particularly at this time of year.

“During the pandemic, lockdown forced us all to stay at home and many people had to cancel holidays they had booked. But even when lockdown ended and we were legally free to get away, it turns out that more than a third of us couldn’t afford it. So now many families haven’t been able to go on holiday for three years or more.”

Mitchell said this has a “crushing impact” on people’s spirits and that parents feel “guilty” for not being able to give children a special holiday.

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He urged anyone who is worried about their finances to visit their local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).

“There may be benefits you are entitled to but aren’t claiming, for example – we can check that for you," Mitchell added.

"Our help is free (and) confidential. We don’t judge or lecture you – we just want to help.

“But statistics like this one will hopefully ring bells in government circles as well. People are really suffering in this economic crisis. And it’s not just about putting food on the table – important thought that is.

“After all the stress and crisis of the last few years, people desperately need the relief and fun that comes with getting away, even for a short time. This is just another sign that the cost-of-living crisis must be brought under control.”