ACTIVISTS staged a “sit-out” in front of Scottish Labour MP Ian Murray’s office on Friday as they called on his party to commit to bolder climate commitments ahead of the next election.

A handful of protesters targeted the Edinburgh office Scotland’s only Labour MP – who is also the party’s shadow Scottish secretary – with calls for more rapid decarbonisation, a just transition and investment in green jobs.

The protesters had written to Murray’s office ahead of the demonstration, asking if the MP still supported a Green New Deal – they said they were not satisfied with his response.

The National:

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From 11am, Green New Deal Rising demonstrators were outside the Minto Street premises holding placards and talking to Murray’s constituents.

The activists say they received “great support” from passing drivers and pedestrians.

“Clearly, there is an appetite in his constituency for Labour to be bolder on their climate policies,” said Calum Hogdson from the group.

“In a number of conversations, we were asked how people can get involved or whether we had a petition to sign”.

The National:

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He went on: “We are protesting because as Scotland’s only Labour MP, we need to see Ian Murray do more for young people in Scotland. He has previously written in support of a Green New Deal, so if he’s serious about tackling the climate crisis we need him to stand up and speak out against the Labour leadership’s current backsliding. The sit-out was a brilliant celebration of young people’s commitment to climate justice”.

The group plans to target Murray’s office again next Friday.

The protest took place as part of a national demonstration by Green New Deal Rising, with similar events held at offices for shadow cabinet members in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Brighton, Cardiff and the Midlands.

Climate activists are frustrated by Labour’s U-turns on ending new fossil fuel exploration and delays on green investment.