AN ultra-Unionist group have filmed a video outside of Nicola Sturgeon’s home following social media rumours.

The Majority’s Mark Devlin made a short live broadcast on Twitter as unfounded rumours spread that charges could be brought on Thursday as part of Operation Branchform.

The group previously launched a “resign Sturgeon” campaign before the former first minister stood down, and have called for Holyrood to be abolished.

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In a grainy one-minute-long video, Devlin told his almost 30,000 Twitter followers that there were no camera crews waiting outside of the former first minister’s home, contrary to claims on social media.

Devlin bemoaned that “sadly” there were no impending charges forthcoming on Thursday for Sturgeon, her husband Peter Murrell and former party treasurer Colin Beattie.

In the background of the video, the Uddingston suburbs where Sturgeon and Murrell live can be seen, with Devlin stating that it is behind him.

“We heard some rumours this morning that there was activity at the front of Nicola Sturgeon’s house, which is just behind me here,” Devlin said in the clip.

“On the street as you can see there’s nobody here, and perhaps this isn’t the day that Operation Branchform comes to the next stage but we have, the rumour mill is going in overdrive.

“There’s been lots of people saying that there’s going to be activity on the investigation, perhaps formal charges are going to happen for Nicola Sturgeon, Colin Beattie and Peter Murrell, who will not know at this moment anyway.

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“Nothing from Police Scotland either, so, it's a beautiful day in Uddingston, but no activity right now.

“So as soon as there is any activity we will let you know.”

Devlin signed off by thanking his wife Mary, with whom he jointly runs The Majority, for her help filming the live video.

The National:

The group, who describe themselves as “Scotland’s leading anti-nationalist media”, captioned the clip: “Live report from outside Nicola Sturgeon's house in Uddingston, Glasgow.

"Sadly, reports of camera crews assembling for an impending arrest were not true.”

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The video has been viewed almost 5500 times at time of publication, within 30 minutes of the video going online.

In response, one social media user wrote: “The only things getting busted today are the rumours, sadly.”

Another added simply: “False alarm!”

We previously told how The Majority launched a second billboard campaign calling on Sturgeon to resign in February this year, after the first attempt contained an unfortunate spelling error.