MARTIN Lewis has hit back after deputy prime minister Oliver Dowden mentioned him during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

Oliver Dowden, who was standing in for the Prime Minister who is at the Nato summit, was repeatedly challenged by opposition MPs over the Government’s response to soaring mortgage rates.

In response, the deputy PM claimed that Martin Lewis, “a real MoneySavingExpert”, supported Government action on mortgage support.

“Unlike the big spenders on those benches,” Dowden added, gesturing towards the Labour benches.

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Dowden said: "We are giving help to people to extend their terms, to go interest only and to reduce their monthly payments. Now that action is supported by Martin Lewis, a real MoneySavingExpert, unlike the big spenders on those benches."

But Lewis has now hit back at the comments, saying he did “not appreciate being used in party-political spats”.

Lewis tweeted: “I am party independent. I’ve had constructive conversations with both the Chancellor and the Shadow Chancellor about mortgage support.

I do not appreciate being used in party-political spats. It is correct that I support those specific measures in the mortgage charter, mainly as they were my suggestions (so in a way ‘they're’ supporting what ‘I’ said) and both major parties proposed similar - but that should not be taken as a read-across to favouring any party, even just within the mortgage agenda.