A NEW pro-independence show dedicated to hearing the life stories of activists, media personalities and politicians from across the movement has been launched.

Yes in the City has been launched by grassroots activists from Dunfermline who want to provide a platform for people to discuss how they discovered Scottish Independence.

The show is hosted by SNP councillor for Dunfermline South Naz Anis-Miah and activist Cameron Coyne.

The pair have already interviewed councillor Stefan Hoggan-Radu, broadcaster and writer Lesley Riddoch, and Alba MP Neale Hanvey.

The next two interviews due to be published are with Douglas Chapman MP – following his decision not to seek re-election – and Sara Salyers from Salvo.

New episodes will be published each week, and Anis-Miah and Coyne hope to interview people from across the movement.

Anis-Miah said: "Our show is about trying to demonstrate the diversity within our incredible movement.

"Fundamentally, this show is not about trying to get bogged-down in the nitty gritty of constitutional politics. It's about sharing stories and conveying hope to the wider movement.

Anis-Miah is of South Asian descent, having been born in Scotland to Bangladeshi parents. He often reflects upon his experiences of inclusivity within the Yes movement.

He added: "In highlighting the positivity within the independence movement, we hope to convince people, who are on the fence, that a better future is possible."

Coyne said: "We want to put independence at the heart of our show, by focusing on the journeys that brought people to campaign for the cause.

"Everyone has a different story to tell about how they came to support independence and what continues to fuel their burning desire for a better nation."