A TORY MSP has written to the Scottish Government’s permanent secretary calling for a probe into republican comments made by Patrick Harvie – and whether they break the ministerial code.

Craig Hoy, South Scotland MSP and former councillor for Haddington and Lammermuir, announced the action in a tweet with a letter to the secretary.

The MSP quoted several comments Harvie made and said it was “what I consider to be a clear case” the ministers had breached the ministerial code “in respect of collective responsibility.

He also asked whether the secretary would recommend Harvie to be removed from his government role to First Minister Humza Yousaf.

On Friday night, Hoy tweeted: “I have written to Scottish Government’s Permanent Secretary JP Marks asking him to probe whether Patrick Harvie’s anti-monarchy rant breaches the ministerial code on collective government responsibility.

“The Scottish Greens are clearly criticising their own government’s policy.”

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In the letter, he wrote: “At an anti-monarchy protest on 5 July 2023, Mr Harvie referred to the King’s coronation and Scottish thanksgiving celebrations, criticising the costs involved as an ‘overpriced Game of Thrones cosplay exercise’.

“However, given that the Scottish Government met the costs of Wednesday’s events in Edinburgh, including the cost of a £22,000 specially made ceremonial sword, Mr Harvie’s comments put him completely at odds with agreed government policy.”

He quoted the ministerial code, concluding by saying: “I therefore seek your opinion on whether you agree with me that Mr Harvie has violated the principle of collective responsibility within the Ministerial Code, and, if so, whether you will be advising the First Minister that Mr Harvie ought to be relieved of his post because of this.”

A spokesperson from the Scottish Greens said: “Whilst the Tories try to silence the voice of republicans, Greens will continue to campaign for an independent democratic republic.

“The Scottish Greens have long held the belief that the monarchy is an outdated and undemocratic institution.

“This dull letter is Tory hypocrisy at its finest, coming from a party whose own former Home Secretary actually did breach the ministerial code by bullying her staff but wasn't sacked by the Prime Minister.”