POLICE are investigating after a university was hit by a cyber attack which has affected many of its systems.

The University of the West of Scotland (UWS) reported the issue to the police on Monday, after the website and majority of phone lines went down.

The university is working with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Police Scotland and the Scottish Government to resolve the issue.

It is understood that next week’s graduations will not be affected, meaning students across UWS’s five campuses can still enjoy their end-of-term celebrations.

A statement on the university’s affected website reads: “Areas of our website are currently down and we apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.

“We are working to resolve this as soon as possible, please check back again soon.”

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A university spokesman told STV: “The university is experiencing an ongoing cyber incident which is currently affecting a number of digital systems.

“All precautionary steps are being taken to manage the situation.

“University colleagues are working closely with internal and external experts, including the relevant authorities, such as Police Scotland, the National Cyber Security Centre and the Scottish Government.

“In consultation with this external support, we have been following a controlled process and are making steady steps towards a resolution.”

Police Scotland confirmed they are looking into the attacks.

A spokesperson said: “An investigation is underway, following a report of a cyber incident in Paisley.

“The matter was reported to police on 3 July and inquiries are ongoing.”

An NCSC spokesperson added: “We are supporting the University of the West of Scotland along with other partners in their response to this incident.”

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “We are aware that the University of the West of Scotland is currently investigating an IT security incident.

“Support is being provided to the university by national partners, including the Scottish Government.”