SCOTTISH rugby fans have reacted with fury over the appointment of ex-Tory leader Ruth Davidson to the union's board, with some vowing to never go to a game at Murrayfield again.

Davidson – who headed up the Scottish Tories between 2011 and 2019 – will hold the role of non-executive director, with the body also announcing the appointment of businessman Mike Soutar to the same position.

But the move has been met with rage from lifelong fans who have branded Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) a "disgrace" and "outrageous".

Many have said they will boycott games or hand their season ticket back over the appointment of a "divisive and mistrusted individual". 

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Others have even gone as far as to say they will support other countries they have links with instead.

SNP MP Gavin Newlands, who is a big rugby fan, said on social media: "I'm not sure what the upside of this appointment is, but it must be huge if it's to outweigh the horrendous PR and ill-feeling it has generated.

"It also tends to confirm a stereotype that I've spent years trying to convince folk was massively exaggerated."

Newlands later said he was referring to the assumption that "rugby is for posh folk and full of Tories" after being branded "obtuse" by another fan.

Twitter user Robert-W-Boyd said he had supported Scotland since he was a boy but was now considering switching his allegiance to Wales on the back of the appointment.

He said: "Utterly appalling decision on giving Davidson a post at your organization, I have supported Scotland since I was a child, but lucky enough while I was born in Kilmarnock I do have a Welsh mother."

Pro-independence Twitter account MSM Monitor has also highlighted controversial comments Davidson has made, such when she accused the SNP of being "anti-English".

Another fan, with the handle @MitchMacV, said he wanted his season ticket refunded.

He posted: "Shocking decision particularly in the case of Ruth Davidson. I’ll be looking for a refund on our upcoming summer test tickets. Completely blinkered appointments and without a single thought to the opinions of many members of the paying public and fans (remember them?)."

@Davidkidd_58 added: "I’m absolutely gobsmacked! A divisive & mistrusted individual with no business, motivational or top level sport experience. What on Earth can she bring to improve Scottish Rugby?"

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Scottish Rugby cited Baroness Davidson of Lundin Links’s experience running a consultancy business, as a speaker on leadership and diversity, and on voluntary and charitable boards.

The body said Davidson would bring a “breadth of experience” to the board.

But @SandraMcLauchl3 was one of many who said the move made her angry and that she would be considering her membership going forward.

She said: "This actually makes me both sick and angry and seriously considering my membership! This is a terrible decision and one I am sure most members will be annoyed with."

The National has approached the SRU for comment.