MARTIN Lewis has put out a major warning about a "frightening" new scam using a deep-fake video of him.

The Money Saving Expert told authorities to "step up and stop big tech" from publishing the dangerous fakes, saying people will lose money and they will "ruin lives".

Responding to someone on Twitter who highlighted the scam, Lewis wrote: "WARNING. THIS IS A SCAM BY CRIMINALS TRYING TO STEAL MONEY. PLS SHARE.

He added: "This is frightening, it's the first deep-fake video scam I've seen with me in it. Govt & regulators must step up to stop big tech publishing such dangerous fakes. People'll lose money and it'll ruin lives."

The video appears to show an AI mock-up of Lewis backing an investment scheme run by Twitter owner and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The computer-generated Lewis says: "Elon Musk presented his project in which he has already invested more than $3 billion.

"Musk’s new project opens up great investment opportunities for British citizens. No project has ever given such opportunities to residents of the country."

Lewis's face has often been used by scammers for adverts online, and the consumer champion has long campaigned for tech giants to act.