PROTESTERS could clearly be heard chanting “not my King” during the BBC ’s coverage of King Charles’s so-called mini coronation in Edinburgh.

As royal staff waited to bring the Honours of Scotland inside St Giles’ Cathedral, where the official Scottish ceremony of thanksgiving and dedication was taking place to mark the coronation of King Charles, protesters from the anti-monarchy campaign group Republic could be heard shouting “Not my King” during the BBC’s live coverage of the event.

Footage even shows the group in the background, with large yellow flags emblazoned with the words "Not my King" clearly being visible. 

A smattering of boos could also be heard while a band played "God Save The King". 

According to The National’s reporter Judith Duffy, who attended the ceremony, chants could also be heard inside the building – even at key moments such as the presentation of the Honours of Scotland.

Reports suggest that numerous people were arrested during the protests, with Republic calling for their immediate release.

Climate campaign group This Is Rigged have also claimed that two of their own protesters were arrested by police.

While both supporters and anti-monarchy campaigners crowded outside of St Giles’ Cathedral, the rest of the Royal Mile appeared noticeably quiet despite barriers anticipating large crowds.