MULTIPLE anti-monarchy protesters have been arrested at King Charles's "mini coronation" in Edinburgh.

Several witnesses reported seeing those who were led away in handcuffs holding banners saying "No Kings, No Queens, No Cops" and "Turn the palace into social housing". 

It is understood they may have also been in possession of a banner saying "F*ck the king, feed the hungry", according to one other witness, with the U in the expletive replaced by an anti-monarchy symbol.

They may have also been shouting either "Not My King" or "F*ck the King" before being handcuffed, according to another witness who saw the incident. 

As the protesters were being led away by police, one was heard to say: "We are being arrested for protesting the coronation."

Officers led the four into Canongate Kirkyard on the Royal Mile.

Anti-monarchy group Republic, who organised a large protest outside St Giles' Cathedral, tweeted: "Very concerned by the arrest of three peaceful protesters at the end of a successful day. Currently talking to police to find out more and get them released."

They then added: "We are demanding the immediate release of those arrested for peaceful protest. #NotMyKing".

They tweeted: "If the protesters aren’t out soon we’ll be at the police station to protest and to be there when they’re released. #NotMyKing"

Police later confirmed that four people were arrested during the event and a further four people were later issued with a recorded police warning.

Assistant Chief Constable Tim Mairs, said: “Over the past few weeks, our protest liaison team have been speaking to protest groups, we set up an Independent Advisory Group to help guide our approach and, in coordination with the event organiser and the local authority crowd safety manager, we worked hard to identify dedicated protest areas to maximise public safety, balanced against people’s rights to protest.

“I would like to thank the overwhelming majority of protestors who engaged with us and also our officers whose professionalism helped ensure the safe delivery of this event for everyone who attended.

“Decisions about how to police protests require us to balance complex and often competing rights and issues. We have a legal duty to protect the rights of people who wish to peacefully protest or counter-protest.

“Our priority is public safety and a policing plan was in place to maintain people’s safety, ensure the safe delivery of this event, enable peaceful protest and minimise disruption.”

Campaigners from climate group This is Rigged also claimed that two of their members had been arrested.

The group said that one the arrested people had been called Hannah, 21, from Glasgow. They quoted her as saying: "This Is Rigged are demanding that the Scottish government vocally oppose all new oil and gas licenses.

"The system is rigged against the people. Why are we giving the Honours of Scotland to an old man, before helping our children, our young people’s future."

Police Scotland said: "Two women – aged 20 and 21 - have been arrested in connection with a breach of the peace after allegedly attempting to climb over a crowd safety barrier on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh. Our priority is public safety, balanced against people’s rights #RoyalWeek